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I live in Swansea, South Wales (UK). The website focuses on the Gower peninsula (adjoining Swansea), the Brecon Beacons and a selection from around Wales. The galleries are broken down into smaller areas within each region, hopefully as simple to navigate as possible.

I gained an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society many years ago with a panel of black and white prints showing the interaction of light on the sea around Gower. I’ve continued this theme into the digital age, trying to capture fleeting moments of light that can transform the familiar into the unfamiliar, the mundane into the mysterious. This usually involves waiting around in inclement weather for that moment to arrive..or not!

All my photography aims to capture natural light as it appeared in front of the camera to the naked eye. The only editing is to reproduce Mother Nature’s colours as close as possible without enhancement, thereby preserving the true soul and spirit of the landscape.

I do not use the website for sales but if you are interested in an image please pop me an email and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for looking.

My favourite Photography Quotation:
“A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety. ” (Ansel Adams)